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AccuSharp 001 Knife Sharpener || Accusharp Reviews by Customer

AccuSharp 001 Knife Sharpener || Accusharp Reviews by Customer

The Accusharp Knife Sharpener is a budget tool producing a good result

We are absolutely staggered at the extraordinary range of prices for Accusharp Knife Sharpener Review. We’ve seen some sharpeners selling for almost $700 whilst others, like the Accusharp 001 knife sharpener, can be picked up, if you’re canny, for under $10. The Accusharp knife sharpener name is almost a houshold name.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that a knife sharpener for $10 is as good as a $700 sharpener, but it’s certainly something at the forefront of the mind of most people. Are you willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a sharpener that will produce a slightly better result than one for $10?

Because that’s the bottom line. The $10 sharpener, whilst perhaps not producing quite as good a result as a far more expensive version will produce a result that is sufficient for the vast majority of people.

The AccuSharp 001 Knife Sharpener is like that. The result you get from sharpening a knife with that the Accusharp knife sharpener is perhaps not quite as good as that from the way more expensive sharpeners, but for the average person it’s entirely adequate.

And in fact the average person probably has never used a knife that is as sharp as it is possible to get.

The Accusharp 001 knife sharpener is simple and effective. The sharpening blade is comprised of 2 diamond honed tungsten carbide edges set to sharpen the edge of a knife to a 15 degree angle. It’s said by the company that these blades should last for years, and where they have become ineffective from use it’s completely possible to reverse the blades and begin again. So this simple knife sharpener should last you for many years, and that’s the reports that we see, that users have been using their Accusharp knife sharpener for years.

Sharpening a knife is relatively simple. You place the back of your knife on a bench with the tip of the knife slightly over the edge. You then place your sharpener near the handle, on the beginning of the edge, and draw it lightly towards you.

Lightly is best, if you push hard you increase the risk of injury. Despite the fact that the sharpener has a hand guard pushing hard could still increase the risk that the knife will flip over and possibly injure your hand. This should be avoided if you push lightly, which is all that is required.

Do not hold the sharpener at a steep angle to the knife to help protect your hand, that’s the job of the hand guard. Hold the body of the sharpener slightly above the knife blade.

The number of times you draw the sharpener over the knife depends on how dull the knife has become. After 2 or 3 strokes try cutting a tomato and if it cuts simply and easily your job is done. If not try a few more strokes.

Don’t forget to wash your knife after sharpening as there could be tiny pieces of metal left on the blade.

One of the beauties of the Accusharp knife sharpener is that it can be used on a range of knives including serrated knives, though only with larger serrations, it won’t work well with very narrow serrations. Accusharp sharpeners have been around for a while, and you can even get some that sharpen scissors as well.

We find one of the best ways of judging the quality of the product is to look at the reviews by customers who have purchased the sharpener on Amazon. Currently there are 1239 reviews by customers who have purchased and used AccuSharp 001 Knife Sharpener, and the review total is 4.6 out of 5 stars, an extremely impressive result for a knife sharpener that costs under $10.

And whilst some professionals maintain that the edge produced is not quite as good as they can produce with a stone, for example, it’s good enough to keep most people extremely happy, particularly considering the price.

Here’s a video showing you a little more about how to use the Accusharp sharpener.

For $10 (or less) you just can’t go wrong. And if you’re looking for more options check out our chart of the best knife sharpeners.

Since We Wrote This Review of the AccuSharp 001 Knife Sharpener
Since we wrote this review of the Accusharp knife sharpener we’ve been looking at some good forums and we’ve found some extra comments which we thought we should bring to you. Again these comments confirm our conclusion that the Accusharp knife sharpener is a worthwhile sharpener, especially for under $10.

We read the Discuss Cooking forum. That’s a forum of people who are interested in cooking, so one of the things that will be important to them will be their kitchen knives. Anyone interested in cooking is interested in a good, sharp kitchen knife because chopping is such a big part of cooking.

You can see the reviews of the AccuSharp 001 Knife Sharpener there, but will summarise some of them for you below:

“Here is what I found after using the AccuSharp for one day:Sharpener is VERY easy to use.Tungsten Carbide is extremely hard and sharp, and removes metal quickly.A surprisingly sharp edge can be produced with minimal effort.Pocket knife or kitchen knife, junk steel or super-hard japanese steel — works great on anything.

To give an example, I have a block set of the cheapo chinese Henckels; the steak knives being the dullest of the lot. Let me tell you, these knives had trouble cutting butter, let alone steak! In any case, 20 quick passes with the AccuSharp and these steak knives were slicing paper like it was nothing. 60 seconds of work on my pocket knife and it was shaving hair.Needless to say, I give this tool an A+.”


“Andy: it is not adjustable. That was something that made me leary about using it on my best knives. In any case, I tried it on my global santoku and in no time it was sharper than the factory edge!”


“Anyways i got the accusharp unit tonight and OMG…this thing works great. Just a few swipes and the knife was razar sharp. I did notice that it won’t remove those dings that you get in the knife blade but boy otherwise this thing is perfect. In a matter of seconds i turned from a very dull steak knife to razor sharp.

So its fair to say i love this thing. I will still use the lansky system for my chef knives but for paring/steak/serated knives this is as good as it gets.”

We think you get the idea. Good value for under $10.

One point made in those reviews is that the sharpener will not remove dings in the blade. That will be quite true, and something you should consider, though hopefully you treat your kitchen knives with respect and don’t have any dings in the blade.

Another point made is that, as any good knife sharpener should, the Accusharp will remove metal from the blade. That’s the point of a knife sharpener, to remove metal from the blade to restore the edge.

You should be aware that using the sharpener will do this, and that it’s not necessary to be constantly using it. When you’re knife is losing its edge a little you should be honing it first.

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