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An Electric Knife Sharpener – yes or no? – All of cutting things is sharpenable

An Electric Knife Sharpener – yes or no?

An electric knife sharpener is seen by many as the ultimate convenience of the modern day kitchen – but just how good is it? Is it the right tool to buy as the perfect sharpening gadget in your home? From a purely convenience point of view, it seems to be the right choice. Using it is basically effortless, and simply requires the touch of a button. As long as you keep it fully charged, sharp knives are just once click away, right? king down on you.

While it might seem that way at first glance, there are a few things you may want to consider first – before you go ahead and buy The Best electric knife sharpener:


As with any sharpening device, you may want to consider whether this tool has the ability to “sense” and adapt to the actual cutting edge angle of the knife in question. Different blades that have been designed for different applications have different “edge angles”. For instance: A vegetable knife has a smaller angle – because it is less likely to encounter hard obstacles, and need to be really sharp in order to facilitate cutting and slicing precision. On the other hand, a cleaver has a larger edge angle, purely to help it stay usable for longer as it is used to chop items that may contain bones inside. If your Best electric knife sharpener  gives all your blades the same cutting edge angle, your vegetable knife will be relatively blunt compared to what you want it to be like, and you cleaver, although sharper, will go blunt sooner. So – if it cannot “sense and adapt” to the angle of the cutting edge like An Electric Knife Sharpeners does, it will be doing more damage than good. In short, it will modify your blade.


You may want to consider practicality and reliability. While and An Electric Knife Sharpener is nice to use in the home, it might not be the perfect item to take along when you go fishing or hiking – partly because you never know when the batteries may fail on you, and partly because you do not know if it will keep operating under the conditions you are about to use it in, especially if moisture becomes an issue.


The Best electric knife sharpener is designed to sharpen straight knives only. But what about serrated knives, micro serrated blades, garden tools, lawn mowers’ blades, and all the small kitchen utensils? Unlike the Multi sharpener, the use of an electric sharpener is limited to your kitchen knives, and as we saw earlier, does not necessarily do a good job at maintaining their sharpness and character. Lastly, an electric sharpening tool moves at a high speed – which means that you have less control over how much of the cutting edge it removes as you drag it along. As such, you are much more likely to sharpen it unevenly, and if the design of the tool happens to change the edge angle of the blade, it will mean that your knife will literally not be equally sharp along its whole cutting edge.

So – while having one might seem like the perfect home gadget, you may be better off with something

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