Best Chantry Knife Sharpener || Messermeister Chantry Knife Sharpener Review

One of the finest and stylish pull-through knife sharpeners in the market is the classic manual Messermeister Chantry Knife Sharpener. The item was designed by Taylor’s Eye Witness and is actually on displace at the New York Museum because of its eye-catching design. However, this isn’t the only reason why this model is so remarkable. Along with the modern design, the Messermeister Chantry Knife Sharpener comes with a top quality sharpening ability that rivals most brands in the market today.

Features of the Messermeister Chantry Knife Sharpener Review

The model comes with a cast iron body available in multiple colors. The steels attached to the device can be replaced have a whopping lifetime manufacturing warranty, ensuring that replacement is always available should one need it. A pull-through knife sharpener, the model is perhaps one of the easiest to use, requiring you to simply run the knife through the slot. The great thing about this model is that although manual, it only takes as much as 4 or 5 five brushes before the steel starts becoming sharp again. In order to keep the angle correct at all times, rotating springs are incorporated in the model, ensuring that the blade is at the right position. Using this model, knives also have a longer life expectancy since minimum amounts of metal are shaved off.

Pros of the Messermeister Chantry Knife Sharpener Review

The sharpening abrasive doesn’t brush off huge chunks of metal, ensuring that the knife would last for a very long time. Incredibly versatile, this model can accommodate both American and European knives regardless of them being straight edged or serrated. The model’s small size also makes it ideal for crowded kitchens with a solid base that may be easily attached to a solid surface for security purposes. Providing fast and efficient sharpening service, the model itself is not hard to maintain and can be easily cleaned by just wiping on the surface.

Cons of the Messermeister Chantry Knife Sharpener Review

The design of the Messermeister Chantry Knife Sharpener makes it ideal for maintenance purposes although restoring the sharpness to an already dull knife is also possible. However, this might take longer on the part of the user, prompting them to spend minutes getting the sharpness back to the blade. The upside of this is that once a blade is sharp again, keeping it this way is fairly easy. With its size, the Messermeister Chantry Knife Sharpener is not ideal for travelers and would work best in kitchens.

This device is compact and suited for long period of usage. Undoubtedly, it is one of the sought after sharpeners in the market nowadays. The model is stylish with an easy-to-use design, making it a great tool to have in a professional or home kitchen.

All in all, the Messermeister Chantry Knife Sharpener is a great tool to own by most homeowners with its medium size making it easy to place in the kitchen without occupying too much space. The fact that it also comes in different colors is also an added factor that makes it easy to incorporate in the contemporary home.

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