Chef Choice 100W Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener review – Sharpening My Knives in Style

I am quite used to sharpening my knives in the old oil and whetstone technique. In fact, I can proudly say that I can give a pretty decent edge back to knife without damaging the blade. The only downside though is that using this old fashioned technique takes up a lot of my time. This is why the Chef Choice 100 W Knife Sharpener became very useful for me.

One good example is when I need to sharpen a very dull blade. The need to do the whole manual reshaping of the edge procedure has been eliminated. The Chefs Choice 100 W Knife Sharpener reshapes the blade in just a few easy steps. A good knife is always a valuable asset in the kitchen. Not only does it make work easier, but it also prevents accidents.

Having a sharp blade is more predictable to use over a dull one. There will be a lesser chance of the blade to slip from my fingers. It will cut through every time instead of being deflected out of my grip. A slight application of pressure is enough to get the cutting task done; hence, it is always convenient for me to have the Chef Choice 100 W Knife Sharpener at hand to keep my knives sharp.

One careful advice though, for those who are just starting to use their knife sharpeners. I suggest that you fully understand the procedures and try to get the feel of the machine with the power still off. Better yet, try to practice on very cheap knives first, before using it on your precious knives.

The Chefs Choice 100 W Knife Sharpener is a great tool but it has quite some minor faults. For example, it is a bit hard to sharpen the edge of the blade nearest the handle if the edge shares the same level with the handle. The reason is that the handle of the blade comes in contact with body of the Chef’s Choice Knife sharpener and blocks the knife from clearly entering the groove.

On the other hand, it works best on knives like cleavers since it has full clearance from the handle. The tip of the knife also needs some practice before getting it aligned perfectly each time. Still, once you get the hang of it, it beats doing the whole thing manually using a whetstone.

There actually is no reason for me not to be glad with this product. I was thinking that if I want to elevate my skills as chef, I must also learn how professional chefs sharpen their knives. That is in style and by using electric knife sharpeners like Chefs Choice 100 W Knife Sharpener.

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