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Chef’s Choice 110 Professional Diamond Hone Sharpener Review – All of cutting things is sharpenable

Chef’s Choice 110 Professional Diamond Hone Sharpener Review

I used to be one of those people who did not have either the luck or the knack in using a whetstone. If I even started using one, all I get is a blade duller than its previous condition. So, what did a person like me do to solve my dilemma? I bought the Chef’s Choice 110 Professional Diamond Hone sharpener. It is almost as close to being an automatic knife sharpener to me.

Actually, the problem with my sharpening abilities often lies in the lack of my hand and eye coordination. My brain knows what the proper angle and movement should be but my hands seem to stray a bit off on the idea. Nothing could match my delight when I found out what the Chef’s Choice 110 Professional knife sharpener could do.

Recently, it has been a great help since it does the entire knife sharpening for me. All I need to do is follow the correct procedure, do my best to align the blade and pass my blade through the device at a steady pace. Voila! Knives are sharpened in a jiffy without a single hitch.

Since it has been a lifelong frustration, I have become so addicted to using it that I went all out and had all the knives in my kitchen sharpened. The Chef’s Choice 110 Professional knife sharpener is something that is very easy to use. The grooves even have a magnetic guide to help you align the blade to the abrasive parts.

Since I mentioned earlier that I used it on almost every knife in the house, I found out that it does not support serrated knives. Serrated knives are those knives that do not have a straight edge. An example of a serrated knife is a bread knife. So if ever I upgrade my unit to the next edition of the Chef’s Choice Knife sharpeners, I will have to check if it supports the serrated ones.
It would not bother me anymore if my favorite kitchen knife became dull again, as sharpening it would not be a problem for me anymore. For allowing me to do something that I was not very good at, I give Chef’s Choice an all thumb’s up sign for being very useful.

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