Chef’s Choice 310 Compact Diamond Hone Sharpener Review – It Can Sharpen Just About Any Kind of Knives

I gave this Chef’s Choice 310 Compact Hone Sharpener to my wife as a gift. She really loves to cook and I have seen that her kitchen knives are not as sharp as they used to be. Although she loves cooking, the tediousness of cutting and slicing using dull knives had started to dampen her cooking spirits.

Originally, I intended to buy her a set of classy knives that are said to be ultra-sharp. I was bent on this because I read articles about safety measures when cooking; that a knife that is kept sharp will be less likely to injure its user. A nasty cut can be caused by a dull knife if forced to cut something that its edge can no longer handle. Luckily, I came across an ad about Chef’s Choice 310 Compact Hone Sharpener. It dawned on me that I don’t have to replace the knives but merely had to buy this sleek looking knife sharpener.

When my wife opened her present she was very happy but apprehensive, because she was not sure how to use it. We read the nicely detailed manual, and became enlightened on how to use it properly. We both thought it might be hard at first, but we also learned that by just following the steps exactly can get you very good results. The manual was detailed and comprehensive enough. Just make sure that you don’t formulate your own conclusions on how to use Chef’s Choice 310 Compact Hone Sharpener, as this can damage your knives.

I found out that the Chef’s Choice 310 model is one of the best out there only after using it. It can sharpen the blades of knives that are close to the handle like pocket knives, which was an issue with the previous units. The Chef’s Choice 310 clearly does not have a problem like this. In addition to its other capabilities, it does not only sharpen the edges of your knives but it also creates an edge to make the knives far more durable than its original quality.

I recommend Chef’s Choice 310 Compact Hone Sharpener to almost anyone who needs sharp knives every time. Using it is fairly easy and all it takes is just a little practice. Even those who have no idea as to what whetstones are will be able to sharpen their knives.

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