How to Select Edge Electric Knife Sharpener || Edge Manual Knife Sharpener Both Option

Edge Electric Knife and Scissors Sharpener

The Best Edgeware Diamond Edge Gourmet Electric and Manual Knife and Scissors Sharpener, is more than just a long name:). It is actually one of the first electronic knife sharpeners ever that offers both the speed and efficiency of the electronic models, while also giving you the option of being able to do things manually if you wish.

It uses interlocking diamond abrasive wheels that sharpen both sides of the blade simultaneously, giving you an efficient sharpening that is uniform and balanced. In spite of the fact that it uses diamond abrasive wheels instead of a static sharpening tool makes it less harsh on your blades. It can sharpen really dull blades; help with the upkeep of sharp edges not only on straight blades but also serrated blades and you can even use it to sharpen your regular scissors.You can also choose to use the manual finishing in order to polish and further sharpen serrated blades.

Edgeware Diamond Edge Gourmet Electric and Manual Knife Features and Specifications

  • This unit is very easy to clean as it has a simple cleaning slot
  • Extra strong / non slippery rubber feet for protection and safety
  • The handle on the Edgeware Diamond Edge is comfortable and gives you great control over the blade sharpening process
  • High quality diamond abrasive wheels that sharpen both sides of the blade simultaneously
  • Produces a true hollow ground blade

Edgeware Diamond Edge Gourmet Electric and Manual Knife Reviews

This unit has gotten a handful reviews and they are all really positive (The average rating for the Edgeware Diamond Edge is 5/5 Stars).

There are several things customers who took the time to review this product really seem to like. The first big plus that almost all the reviewers seemed to comment on, was how this Knife sharpener actually lived up to its promise of creating a true hollow ground blade. The hollow ground is basically the edge that really high end knife factories put on their knives and for this same reason almost everyone really appreciated this benefit.

The next thing that was positive about this particular knife sharpener was the amount of time saved because it sharpened both sides of the blade simultaneously. One user was quick to mention that he had often had problems with this feature with his previous sharpeners, but was impressed with how the Edgeware centered the edge correctly.

If you are considering how long it will take you to sharpen your knives with this model, we found one user who commented that he sharpened all his wife’s kitchen knives in just around 5 minutes. Most people seemed to agree that this product was in fact very fast and efficient. Furthermore they agreed that you will never have to get your knives sharpened anywhere else as long as you have one of these machines in your home.

One minor negative detail was that the scissor sharpener was in ceramic and therefore not up to the same high quality as the rest of this unit.

All in all, this product is definitely something we can recommend unless you feel that the ceramic scissor sharpener is too big of a flaw.

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