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Gatco Knife Sharpener Kit || Gatco Knife Sharpener Review

Gatco Knife Sharpener Kit || Gatco Knife Sharpener Review

Gatco Knife Sharpener Review - The Great American Tool Company their manual knife sharpener which comes with different tools to accommodate different knives. Started in 1989, GATCO has been in the industry for more than 20 years and have managed to serve millions of Americans with their tip quality products. Some of their customers include the police, military, firefighters and sportsmen – testifying to the idea that they provide high quality articles.

Features of the Gatco Knife Sharpener Review

The Gatco Knife Sharpener kit contains 5 pieces of sharpener for numerous uses. The product is packed in a small and durable kit that makes it ideal for transportation purposes. Material used is aluminum oxide which is durable and highly effective for sharpening steel edge. It also comes with a clamp that holds the knife in place for concentrated sharpening. An angle guide that comes with the clamp allows for sharpening precision regardless of the angle of blade.

Pros of the Gatco Knife Sharpener Review

Being a five-piece set, the Gatco Knife Sharpener is specially made to accommodate most types of knives. The clamp makes it easy to position the knife at a proper angle and therefore achieve high quality results. Results produce a very sharp edge that can slice wonderfully through even the softest fruits. Created from aluminum oxide, the items themselves are hard and durable and with proper use, the Gatco knife sharpener could last for a very long time. 

Gatco Knife Sharpener Review

Gatco Knife Sharpener Review

Convenient kit ensures that all the sharpeners stay within one area, therefore not losing anything overtime. The model is ideal for hobbyists who constantly use knives in their workshop, the Gatco knife sharpener is a fast and efficient way to keep blades sharp. The instructions are conveniently placed on the lid of the kit, making it ideal for first-time users. Manual knife sharpener are known for allowing users to focus on specific areas of the blade and with practice, honing the edge of the knife takes as little as 20 seconds. Remarkably easy to use with instructions that are simply stated in the manual, the kit already includes a honing oil, serration hone, extra-coarse hone, coarse hone, fine hone, medium home and knife clamp with an angle guide. Additionally, the model is cheaper that other sharpeners while still providing good results.

Cons of the Gatco Knife Sharpener Review

Beginners may find it difficult to use the model’s clamp as the length of the knife increases. The fact that the sharpener is manual also translates to spending more time honing the edge of the knife to attain the level of sharpness a person wants.

All in all, the Gatco Knife Sharpener is an excellent piece of equipment to have both for the kitchen and travel. It’s small size can easily fit in any bag and would be wonderful to bring during camping or expeditions. The fact that is also comes with five different pieces of honing items allow for maximum versatility in almost any type of knife. The presence of the clamp also allows for easy sharpening without the fear of getting cut by the knife.

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