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How Do We Write About Knife Sharpening Methods? Top Secret Knife Sharpening Methods

How Do We Write About Knife Sharpening Methods? Top Secret Knife Sharpening Methods

We write articles about Knife Sharpening Methods. How do we do it?

Along with general articles about Knife Sharpening Methods we like to talk about individual knife sharpeners here on this website. We are fascinated (don’t know why) with sharpening knives and find it interesting looking at all the different methods of sharpening knives, and all of the individual products offered by manufacturers to do so.

We can’t, however, afford to buy all of the knife sharpeners on the market to review them by using them, much as we would like to. In fact we don’t know of any website where you can see reviews of all of the individual knife sharpeners available by someone who has actually used all of them.

So when we examine individual Knife Sharpening Methods this is how we do it.

We go into great depth researching each Knife Sharpening Methods. We read about the sharpener at the website of the manufacturer, read the details of the individual knife sharpener and look at operating instructions, if available, to get some clear idea of exactly how it works. Sometimes they aren’t easy to find.

Once we have a clear grasp of how the Knife Sharpening Method works we then look to see what information we can find from people who have used it. Often we will find Youtube videos demonstrating the use of the sharpener and we will look at as many of these as we can find.

We will often spend some hours looking at as much information as we can possibly find on the individual sharpener.

We then collate all of this information into an article which describes how the sharpener works, what types of knives it could be used for and what are the positives and negatives of that individual sharpener gleaned from as much research as we can find. And we include any other information we feel the reader might find useful, or which we find interesting.

We also look for individual user reviews. That is reviews from people who are real customers, who have bought the sharpener and been prepared to leave comments about the sharpener on a review website.

Most commonly this is Amazon. Amazon is a massive market place, and along with everything else they sell thousands of knife sharpeners. And in some cases individual sharpeners will have hundreds or even thousands of reviews.

And whilst we know that there are some fake reviews on Amazon it’s difficult if not impossible to fake hundreds of reviews.

We look at the individual reviews to see if we can find common themes, both about the good aspects of the sharpener and the bad. We then collate this information and include it in our article about that individual knife sharpener trying to bring as much information to you, the reader, as possible.

In fact we believe that this is a more effective way of reviewing a sharpener than simply buying it and using it. As you will see from the Amazon reviews virtually every product has a customer who loves it and a customer who hates it. In our discussions of the product we take a more averaged approach, considering the opinions of lots of users.

If we were to buy the knife sharpener to use then all you would be getting is the opinion of one single user, and that may not produce as good a result as looking at the feedback from many many users.

We would still like to buy all the sharpeners available and try them out, just because we’re a little nutty about sharpening knives. But ultimately that’s massively too expensive, and would probably not produce a qualified review that would be any more beneficial to the reader than how we do it now.

So that’s how we examine individual knife sharpeners on our website. We’ve written this explanation so that you, the reader, will know exactly how it’s done

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