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How to choose the best knife sharpening system? – All of cutting things is sharpenable

How to choose the best knife sharpening system?

Finding the best knife sharpening system can be a dangerous process – especially if you don’t know what you should be looking for, and what to avoid. In fact, you may think you found the best knife sharpening system, only to discover that your precious high-quality blades are slowly but surely deteriorating, despite regular sharpening… When it comes to keeping your knives sharp, there are just two things you need to look at:

1. The material of which the abrasive surface is constructed has to be hard. High-quality blades are crafted from high-quality steel. Some are even made from ceramic, which is so hard it becomes brittle and can break if used incorrectly. For your sharpener to make any meaningful difference, it has to be notably more laborious than the blade it is trying to sharpen. Keep in mind, however, that the HRA scale used to measure the hardness of materials is not a linear scale – so a difference of 2 or 3HRA is huge concerning actual hardness. The Multi-Sharpener is made from 93hra carbide tungsten – one of the toughest, hardest materials known to man.

2. When it comes to choosing the best knife sharpening system, it is all about angles. Every blade – whether it is a knife, scissor, or even from a lawn mower – has a specific “edge angle.” This specific angle (which, in the case of kitchen knives, can be anything from 15 to 25 degrees, depending on the purpose of the knife) determines what the knife is to be used for. The difference lies not only in the thickness of the blade but rather in the angle of the cutting edge. For instance, a vegetable knife deals with “softer” work, so it has a smaller edge angle, and it is sharper. On the other hand, a cleaver has a wider edge angle and can handle tougher tasks without going blunt too soon. If these two knives had to switch roles, the cleaver would make a mess of the vegetables, and the vegetable knife would be blunt within minutes. Now, if you had to use a sharpener that was to try and sharpen both blades to the same angle, you would eventually end up with two useless knives, since neither of them would be suitable for the job they were originally designed for. For instance – if you get a “one size fits all” sharpener that does everything at an angle of 20 degrees, the vegetable knife would be 25% less sharp, and the cleaver would be 20% sharper – which is not what you want. The Multi-Sharpener, however, can detect the edge angle and adapt to it. As such, it will sharpen any given blade to perfection, maintaining the edge angle it had when you inserted it into the sharpener.

So – the MS is hard, and it will sharpen your blades to maintain the shape they were designed with. Combine that with a high price and a five-year warranty, and you have a strong contender for the best knife sharpening system

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