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How to Choose the Right Knife Sharpener? – All of cutting things is sharpenable

How to Choose the Right Knife Sharpener?

When choosing the right knife sharpener for your particular needs, the process of making that choice has to be through a combination of personal preference, common sense, and your own requirements. Your requirements: Firstly, consider what you will be using your knife sharpener for, and what you do with the sharpened blades. If for instance, you are a professional chef, you will have a set of high quality, professional kitchen knives.

As such, you will want to take meticulous care of them, and maintain the “character” of each individual cutting edge for optimal specialized performance. On the other end of the spectrum, if you are just a typical average person using average knives, any decent sharpening device that will do the job properly, and extend the lifespan and usability of the blades, will do just fine. You would, however, probably be looking at something that does not require any unique skills or training to operate. On the other hand, if you sharpen blades for clients, you will be taking the requirements of your clients into account, and acquire your tools according to their expectations.

Personal preference VS professional preference

Personal preference: Whatever tool you use has to be something you feel comfortable with, and can see yourself using regularly. Additionally, if you are a busy person, it would have to be something that is both quick and easy to use. If it is something that you will also be taking along on camping, fishing or hunting trips, it will have to be lightweight in design, compact in terms of space, and preferably not electrical – to ensure reliability Common sense: While choosing the right knife sharpener might be – in part – a matter of your personal preference, the final verdict simply has to be the efficiency of the sharpening tool. It is of no use if you buy something that is convenient for you to use, but does not perform the task adequately, or reduces the life span of your cutlery – because then you will be wasting more money than what you save by doing the sharpening yourself. In addition to that, it is crucial that the tool you choose to use must NOT alter the angle of the cutting edge of whatever blade you are working on. There is no “one size fits all” edge angle for knives – in fact, it is the very difference in edge angles that creates cutting instruments for different uses, and as such the character of the blade has to be kept intact at all costs. If the edge is altered, you may suddenly find your vegetable knife, although sharpened, just does not glide through veggies any more, and your cleaver goes blunt much quicker, There is one knife sharpening tool on the market that is both easy to use and convenient, yet produces professional level sharpener results – the Multi Sharpener . With its adaptive angle technology, it can be used on a very wide variety of blades, and each of these will still maintain their original design edge.

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