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Global knives are among the best on the planet

Global Knife Sharpener – Global knives have a reputation for being some of the best kitchen knives on the planet, both for chefs and for home users. Anyone looking to invest a significant amount of money in a set of kitchen knives could do much worse than buying a Global knife set, though it won’t be cheap.

The Japanese are known for making the worlds best kitchen knives. Of course the Japanese tradition comes from centuries ago when the Japanese were leaders in the manufacture of swords, namely Samurai swords.

And whilst the Samurai aren’t around nowadays the best Japanese knives still demonstrate the same quality as was exhibited by Samurai swords centuries ago And Global knives are some of the best.

The knives are made in Japan to extremely exacting standards. They are made from Cromova 18 stainless steel, a high carbon stainless steel that has been specifically designed for Global knives. The knives are also ice tempered. The steel is very hard, holds an extremely sharp edge and resists any type of degradation like rust.

Not only are the knives super sharp but they are also designed to be perfectly balanced in the hand of the user, with very specific weighting characteristics.

There are in fact over 50 different Global knives available and so there is a knife to suit virtually any use.

Buying a Global knife is a significant purchase, particularly if you choose a knife set, because whilst they are some of the highest quality knives in the world they are also not cheap. As you would expect.

For instance the Global 3 piece starter knife set pictured has a recommended retail price well over $200, though is cheaper on Amazon.

How do you sharpen global knives?

Given that Global knives are some of the highest quality knives on the planet lucky owners of these knives need to know how to sharpen Global knives properly. Because it’s a waste of money if you own such a knife and can’t sharpen it properly.

And even worse is to buy a cheap knife sharpener that won’t do the job, meaning that your beautiful knife is forever dull.

The first place to turn to when looking for information on sharpening them is the Global website. As you would expect a company that makes products of this quality has quite specific suggestions about sharpening their knives, and of course they produce Global knife sharpeners.

Elsewhere we have talked about sharpening stones, and in particular diamond sharpening stones, and it’s no surprise that the company offers a range of ceramic sharpening stones ideal for sharpening their knives.
Of course there are many ceramic knife sharpeners available, however our recommendation is that if you are prepared to spend the money on a Global knife you should also buy the exact knife sharpener they recommend, and manufacture, to sharpen their knives.

Why does the company produce ceramic knife sharpeners rather than simple waterstones? That question is answered on their website. The answer is that ceramic knife sharpeners are harder than waterstones and will therefore produce a result much faster result and will wear less quickly.

They recommend that the stone be soaked in water for or 3 to 5 minutes before you use it.

The Global ceramic whetstones come in 3 colors, white, orange and pink. These correspond to the different grits. White is 120 grit and is the coarsest stone, orange is 1000 grit and is the medium stone and pink is 5000 grit and is the fine stone.

If your knife is a little dull, but not seriously dull, it’s sufficient to start with the medium grit however if your knife really needs a good going over you will start with the rough grit, namely the white stone.

Holding your knife at the correct angle is crucial

As we have indicated elsewhere one of the most important aspects of sharpening a knife is to make sure that the edge is in contact with the sharpening surface at the correct angle.

The bevel on different knives differs. Traditionally Japanese knives are a much narrower bevel than almost all other knives, commonly around 15 degrees. And if the bevel is 15 degrees then the knife should be held at that angle to sharpen it correctly.

In fact Global recommend, on their website, that the knife be held at an angle of 10 to 15 degrees.

This is one of the most important aspects of sharpening Global knives, or sharpening any knife for that matter. Get the angle wrong and you won’t get the result you want and you may even damage the edge.
For this reason we strongly suggest, if you plan to purchase any or all of the Global ceramic knife sharpeners, that you also buy sharpening guides which will help keep your knife at the correct angle. Sharpening guides aren’t expensive and are a very important choice if you are inexperienced at using a stone, and keeping your knife at the correct angle.

These are not particularly expensive and will make a big difference to the results you achieve.

Equally important, in our view, is to buy a sharpening stone holder. If you simply use the stones on their own it’s difficult to stop them sliding around, so a good holder will stop the stone sliding around.

Watch this Global video about using their ceramic sharpening stones.

If you’re serious about their ceramic sharpening stones, (and you should be), then this video should help in educating you a little more about how to use them.


Global sharpening steels, for honing, rather than sharpening, your knife

Global also produce sharpening steels. As we’ve indicated in our article about honing knives the term “sharpening steel” is not quite accurate, as these are used more for honing a knife than sharpening it.

If your knife is very dull it’s unlikely you’ll be able to sharpen it with a steel. However if you use your steel regularly, after a good sharpening, you will extend the life of your blade considerably.

As you would expect the Global sharpening steels are extremely high quality. They are solid core steels made of chrome and vanadium stainless steel and coated with diamond particles. Diamond steels are the best you can get.

And as you would expect they are not cheap.

What other options are there for sharpening Global knives? Are there cheaper options?

Of course even if you own a set of Global knives, sharpening them using the recommended sharpeners comes at a price. Whilst Global ceramic knife sharpening stones are very high quality, and whilst you will commonly get the best deal at Amazon, they are still not cheap.So what other options do you have to sharpen your knives?

So what other options do you have to sharpen your knives?
  • There will always be people who either don’t have the patience to learn to sharpen a knife on a whetstone or would prefer a cheaper option.
  • One thing to bear in mind is that regular knife sharpeners are generally made for knives which have a wider angle of bevel that Japanese knives.
  • And therefore, if you are looking for other options, you need to buy a sharpener which caters to the angle of the bevel of a Japanese knife.
  • And there are manual knife sharpeners specifically made for the angles on Japanese knives.

Minosharp make specific manual knife sharpeners for Global knives.

These are ceramic wheel sharpeners which are lubricated by water. Water is poured into the compartment of the sharpener to help lubricate the ceramic wheels which turn as you draw the knife through the sharpener.
The user holds the sharpener on the bench and draws the knife through gently, moving from the courser wheel through to the finer. The Global Minosharp sharpeners come with either 2 ceramic wheels or 3, according to your choice.

Obviously the different wheels correspond to different grits, and the 2 wheel sharpener has course and medium wheels whilst the 3 wheel sharpener also has a fine wheel.And there are Minosharp ceramic stones

Global Knife Sharpener - Minosharp Sharpener

Global Knife Sharpener – Minosharp Sharpener

Global Knife Sharpener - Minosharp Sharpener

Global Knife Sharpener – Minosharp Sharpener








Note that Minosharp also offers ceramic sharpening stones which are suitable for Global knives, and these can be purchased with a different grit on each side. This is a much cheaper option than purchasing the Global sharpening stones.

They also offer a complete sharpening kit, (pictured) featuring the double sided stone, a pair of guides and a holder for the stone so that it is held firmly during use.

Everything you need is included in the kit and this is a very viable option at a much cheaper price than buying Global stones, a holder and guides individually.

Here’s a short video showing you more about using the Global Minosharp sharpeners

Reviews of the Global knife sharpening stones

There is no doubt that the Global ceramic waterstones are very good stones, however common comments in reviews are that you can achieve a similar result with cheaper stones, and for this reason we have suggested the Minosharp stones, though it’s also possible to get cheaper stones again.

However it’s fair to say that the result achieved using a good stone is almost entirely dependent upon the skill of the user, and that one person could use the stone to achieve a perfect result whilst another could end up with a disaster.

So whilst we have no doubt about the quality of the stone it’s difficult to get a good idea of the quality from reviews without knowing how skilled the user was.

Reviews of the Minosharp manual Global knife sharpeners

The reviews on Amazon are generally good, and indicate that users are getting a reasonable result using the  Minosharp Global knife sharpener

The comment was made a number of times, and we are sure this is completely accurate, that using this sharpener will not produce as good a result as the stones, but for the price will produce a reasonable result.

However on average the users were very happy and the Minosharp Global knife sharpener achieved an average of 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon, a good result.


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