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How to Stay Popular in the Knife Sharpener World

How to Stay Popular in the Knife Sharpener World

A knife sharpener is a small tool used to sharpen the blades of knives by grinding them against a rough surface that is usually made of whetstone. Blade edges have a tendency to break down over time despite proper handling, making your knives function less effectively. Regular use of a knife sharpener makes knives more functional and is also essential to extend the life span of blades.

Despite the availability of simple knife sharpener variations, some people still prefer to have their knives sharpened by a professional knife sharpener for a more polished work. Some people also usually avail of professional knife sharpener services to handle other bladed tools like scissors. Individuals who work as a knife sharpener usually charge a small fee for their services.

A wide range of knife sharpener types and variations are usually available and sold in kitchen supply stores and home appliance stores. These variations can range from the simple hand-held ones to the more complex electric multi-stage knife sharpener types. Below are descriptions of some of the commonly used types of knife sharpener:

Types of knife sharpener

Hand-held knife sharpener – portable knife sharpener variations can range from simple whetstones to sharpening rods. Hand-held sharpeners are used by running the knife’s blade along the rough surface of the sharpener in smooth, even motions.

Electric knife sharpener – most homemakers and cooks prefer using electric knife sharpeners on their blades because of their convenience and easy usage. Electric knife sharpeners can either be hand-held or in the form of stands that latch onto surfaces. Most electric sharpeners function by having rotating grinding surfaces against which the user will hold the blade. Using electric sharpeners can get quite tricky because of the constantly rotating grinding wheels. Users have to be careful in using them so as not to oversharpen the blade.

Multi-stage knife sharpener – what distinguishes a multi-stage knife sharpener from all the other ones is its ability to sharpen knife blades in three different styles and degrees. Most multi-stage knife sharpener manufacturers use diamond abrasives in making their products, which allows blades and edges to be properly reshaped and sharpened in the first two stages. The third stage involves stropping and polishing the blades. Most multi-stage sharpeners can also be adjusted to fit the type of blade to be sharpened — whether it’s straight, serrated, double-edged, etc.

A common misconception in sharpening knives is that lubricant is needed so that the blades will grind smoothly against the rough surface. On the contrary, friction is needed to effectively sharpen and smooth out blades, so it’s better to keep the blades dry.

Knife Sharpener Articles

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ALREADY this morning at work I have made a couple of phone calls about buying the Furi knife sharpener mentioned in the Good Taste section of Wednesday’s Herald, a call to change a medical appointment and a call to one of my children; I’ve received one personal call on my..read more

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Knife sharpener required? Margaret Richardson, of Tamworth, reports that the Northern Daily Leader’s “Beef Breeders 2006” supplement carries the headline “Looking for clues to carving failure”.

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Sharpen your culinary skills with a top-notch knife. By Janet de Silva.

Cooking With

PREPARING food with blunt knives can be dangerous so, to avoid injury, sharpen them first. A knife sharpener can be used not only for kitchen knives but fishing knives, camping and outdoor knives. Simply run the knife through the cutting head

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