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How to Tell If Your Knife Is Really Sharp || Sharp Knives

How to Tell If Your Knife Is Really Sharp || Sharp Knives

You might never even notice if you’re working with a dull knife

It might sound a little silly but it’s not as easy as you might think trying to work out if your knife is sharp.blunt knife

Whilst someone who works with sharp knives all the time will be able to know in an instant if their knife has become even a little dull, the reality is that the average person has rarely used a really sharp knife.

And if you’ve never used a really sharp knife then when it’s not sharp you’re not likely to notice, because that’s how it always is.

Do you need to push a little to cut the skin of a tomato? You might think that’s normal, that the skin of a tomato is always hard to cut no matter how sharp your knife is. However the reality is that if you have a seriously sharp knife you won’t need to push at all to cut the skin of that tomato.

It’ll cut just drawing your knife lightly over the skin, no effort needed at all.

And if you’ve never used a seriously sharp knife in the kitchen before then you’ll be staggered to see how good it is to use a knife that cuts like it should.

So how do you tell if your knife is sharp or blunt?

Watch this video and you’ll know. Then get in the kitchen and give it a go with your knives. I can just about guarantee they’re blunt.

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