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Hunting Knife Sharpener || What Should You Use To Sharpen Your Hunting Knife? – All of cutting things is sharpenable

Hunting Knife Sharpener || What Should You Use To Sharpen Your Hunting Knife?

A stone is the best hunting knife sharpener, at home. But what about out hunting?

Are you in the market for a hunting knife sharpener? If you are then we should point out that a hunting knife is really just a knife, like any other, and some of the most effective ways of sharpening knives generally also apply to hunting knives.

In fact spending a little time learning how to use a wet stone knife sharpener can be very rewarding for anyone who is looking to sharpen knives, including hunting knives.
For instance we’ve spoken about how to sharpen a knife with a good wet stone knife sharpener. A Whetstone makes an equally good hunting knife sharpener, once you’ve learned to use it properly.

There is no doubt that having a supersharp hunting knife is very useful to a hunter. Just try skinning a deer with a blunt hunting knife. So you want to leave home with a really sharp knife. And a wet stone will achieve that beautifully, provided you put the time into learning how to use it.

It’s not possible, however, to sharpen all hunting knives with a regular Whetstone. Just try sharpening a knife with a concave or re-curve blade with a regular width Whetstone. If the concave is very shallow then you can do it with a narrow stone, say a 1 inch wide stone, but if the concave is deeper or sharper then you will need a very narrow stone, around half an inch wide.

But you can’t do that so easily in the field.

There are of course some simple hunting knife sharpeners available which you can carry with you in your pocket. They aren’t designed specifically for hunting knives, but they are designed to be small and easy to carry, and useful in an emergency as a general knife sharpening and honing tool. But they won’t do as good a job at sharpening your hunting knife as you would do back home sharpening it on a stone.

lansky ps med01 blademedic hunting knife sharpenerFor instance we like the Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic. It’s small, versatile, easy to carry and will do a reasonable job on your knife if you happen to blunt it hitting a bone for example. It will hone up your knife well, and, if your hunting knife has serrations it can also be used to sharpen the serrations.

The Lansky Blademedic makes a good hunting knife sharpener when you’re out hunting because it’s extremely versatile. As well as having a good tungsten carbide sharpening slot, which is good for working on a very blunt knife, it also has a ceramic slot for finishing off after using the tungsten carbide slot.

As well as that it has a tapered diamond rod for fast honing and can be used for sharpening serrations on your knife as well.

However it still won’t do as good a job as sharpening your knife at home on a good stone. But it will do a great job of touching up the edge when you’re out hunting. And it’s a little heavier than we’d like, but hey, metal is always better than plastic.

It can be a little tricky to use on short blades, but then sharpening short blades is always a bit of an issue.

And here’s a video showing you a little more about using the Lansky Blademedic
But for any hunter looking for the best hunting knife sharpener we suggest a good stone. Use it at home, sharpen up your hunting knife until it’s razor sharp, and then use the Lansky BladeMedic for those little touchups when you’re out in the field.

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