Hunting Knife Sharpening Kit || Best Hunting Knife Sharpener Reviews

There is a word you can use to explain hunting knife sharpening task: easy. Yes, it is an easy thing to do and you will not find many difficulties because all you have to do is to follow some simple instructions properly. In this case, you should prepare lubricant, moist cloth or sponge and also knife sharpener. When talking about best knife sharpener, you can easily choose the best type based on your needs and budget. Some steps are required to answer the question how to sharpen a hunting knife, and make sure to follow those instructions step by step for best sharpening result.

Commonly, a hunting knife is used to cut the rope, removing cords from decoys and more. Those activities require sharp knives and some important steps you have to do are such as:

1. Looking closely at the blade and then start to determine the angle. Make sure to sharpen it at the same angle when the blade was previously sharpened to. If you have bought a knife sharpener from particular brand, make sure to find the information whether it is all right for you to add lubricants since you can add it if necessary. In fact, some types of sharpener require lubrication. The lubricants here are not only associated to instant chemical liquid on the store, but also simple liquids you make at home by mixing water and soap.

2. Make sure to place your sharpener on a sturdy surface. If you ask about how to sharpen a hunting knife safely, don’t hold either the knife or sharpener in your hands. In short, don’t sharpen the hunting knife without any support.

Hunting Knife Sharpening

Hunting Knife Sharpening

3. Pay attention to sharpen the blade slowly. You can put the knife in/on the sharpener and the recommended direction of drawing the blade across the edges is from bottom to top. So, the knife sharpener will be sharpened from its base and then you can pull it towards you (against the sharpener).

4. Whatever best knife sharpener you probably use, the key point of good sharpening task is the right angle when dragging the blade across your knife sharpener.

5. How to sharpen a hunting knife and get same sharpness for both blades’ sides? The answer is simple: if you sharpen the first side 10 times, you should do the same thing on another side.

6. What is the function of moist cloth or sponge in such knife sharpening? Both are used to clean the hunting knife by the time you have finished your sharpening task. It is also beneficial to test whether you have git the desired sharpness level from your knife sharpener.

If you follow the steps above appropriately, you would never get any troubles during your hunting trip since your hunting knife has been perfectly sharpened.

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