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Is Your Knife SCARY Sharp? Scary Sharp Knife Sharpener

Is Your Knife SCARY Sharp? Scary Sharp Knife Sharpener

Your kitchen knife might look and feel sharp. But is it really sharp? Like REALLY?

How to tell if your knife need sharpening. Many people have used kitchen knives for years but don’t have the experience of using a really sharp knife, and so people like that may not even realise that their knife is blunt and needs sharpening.

A really sharp knife is a scary thing. Counter intuitively a sharp knife is a safe knife, and if you’re interested then you can read more about knife safety.

However today we wanted to bring you a video that demonstrates just how sharp a sharp knife can be.

Why not get out some of your kitchen knives right now and put them to this test, I just about guarantee that Is Your Knife SCARY Sharp?

Or if they’re this sharp I salute your knife sharpening skills.

And if they’re not sharp, as I’m sure they won’t be, invest in a quality knife sharpener.

You’ll wonder how you ever got by with the kitchen knives you’ve always been using

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