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Should you use a chainsaw sharpener – or pay someone to do it?

Should you use a chainsaw sharpener – or pay someone to do it?

For many small and medium size farmers and business owners / managers, it usually seems like the most convenient option to just have someone else do it, and not use a DIY chainsaw sharpener.

But which is the best option in business terms?
For many people in this position,
The situation boils down to the efficient application of time,
To need Money and
To need Best Resources.

In business, things are not always about convenience – unless that convenience pays off in terms of productivity, and thus justifies itself financially. However, when it comes to choosing between a chainsaw sharpener and simply paying someone else to do it, the final decision has some additional aspects to it.

Sharpening a chainsaw takes time – since every single blade has to be sharpened individually. Yes, there are “machines” built as chainsaw sharpeners – but due to the different shapes and actions of blade tips, some of it still remains a manual job.

However, when it comes down do counting pennies, you may want to take into account the combination of the time during which the worker if unproductive, the time and cost of transporting the chainsaw back and forth, and the actual cost of the sharpening job as well. In some instances, no doubt, there will be backup machines, or there will be someone going into town anyway – but in some cases it created a bottleneck, and productivity slows down while the costs go up.

In cases like these, it starts making sense to provide chainsaw operators with the means to sharpen their own tools. While it may take people off the job every now and then, there will be instances in which it will be financially beneficial. Of course, the Best Electric Chain Sharpener provides a useful tool for doing so – especially if you take into account that it is very durable, lightweight, easy to use, and since it does not require any power, it can be used anywhere. Additionally, the low cost of acquisition makes it a very sensible tool to have, and it really cuts the cost of paying someone else to do the sharpening, as opposed to having your own chainsaw sharpener – or even one for every operator.

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