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The Best Knife Sharpener Review 2018

The Best Knife Sharpener Review 2018

Which is the best knife sharpener? Well, that depends partly on what you expect from it, of course, and partly on how well it delivers on those expectations – compared to the other viable options available to you. What do you expect from the best knife sharpener? If you are someone who sharpens blades for a living, or it is part of your business operations, your expectations will probably differ sharply from that of an average person who just wants to sharpen their own blades at home, and even from those of a restaurant owner who wants to keep his steak knives sharp.

However, there are a few things that most people tend to set as common expectations, regardless of the applications they use it for:

1. Whichever blade sharpening tool they use, will have to be something that actually sharpens the blade, and sharpens it as well as possible (relative to the construction of the tool, of course). If the blade cannot be restored to a functional level of sharpness, the whole exercise is a waste.

2. Using the said instrument should not change the design or the characteristics of the knife – meaning that the angle of the cutting edge should remain the same. If you change that, you change how the knife will behave under the specific conditions it was designed for, and in some cases it might even cause the blade to go blunt or dull, sooner than before.

3. Ideally, it should be something that is as convenient and easy to use as possible. While the perception of convenience and ease of use differs from one person to the next, everyone will agree that the process, and the time spent on any one particular blade should be as efficient as possible. Nobody wants to sit and battle with a knife to get just the right cutting edge, while he or she could have been spending time doing something else, or even attending to another knife.

4. For many people, it helps if the instrument in question is of a compact design. While some professional people do not mind bulky tools, especially if the blade sharpening tool is located in a workshop, the majority of users prefer something that is compact enough to be stored in a drawer along with other household utility items, and preferably compact enough not to take up too much space when they go on a camping, hiking or fishing trip. That being said, most women tend to prefer something that is lightweight, and does not require much in terms of physical strength to operate.

5. What you also expect from the best knife sharpener, is ‘versatility’. What would be the point to have different sharpening tool for each of your cutting blades at home? One for your knives, one for your peelers, one for your shears, and a couple of others in the shed for all your garden tools… People expect it to be multipurpose, adaptable and versatile.

6. Lastly, most people looking for the best knife sharpener tend to agree that durability is a prerequisite. It just makes no sense to have a great sharpening device, only to take it out one day and find that it has lost its capacity for restoring sharp blades.

The material from which the sharpening blades are made is of paramount importance in that respect. It has to be very hard, tough, and smooth at the same time. While it still remains a matter of choice, you may want to consider the Multi Sharpener – which, incidentally, addresses ALL of these expectations.

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