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Why Would You Need The Best Belt Knife Sharpener? Best Belt Knife Sharpener Reviews – All of cutting things is sharpenable

Why Would You Need The Best Belt Knife Sharpener? Best Belt Knife Sharpener Reviews

The Best belt knife sharpener is versatile and does a professional job.When we speak of the best belt knife sharpener we are not referring to a knife sharpener which goes on your belt, though of course there are some very good belt knife sharpeners like that. By belt knife sharpener we’re talking about a sharpener that uses an abrasive belt In fact it’s perfectly possible to sharpen a knife with any abrasive implement that can be conveniently used on a blade, provided the abrasive is harder that the steel of the knife and will remove metal. If the abrasive is softer then you will remove abrasive.

A simple belt sander can be used very effectively to sharpen knives. In fact I’ve used belt sanders to sharpen a whole range of tools including chisels and axes. Of course you have to choose your grit, too course a grit, (combined sometimes with too much pressure) can certainly remove metal, the problem is it may well remove too much.

  • And the other problem with a regular handyman belt sander is that the belt is too wide, the sander is too heavy and it’s quite difficult to use really effectively, though it can be done with some practice. But it’s not ideal.
  • And if you get it wrong you can overheat your blade, which does it no good at all.

But it’s perfectly possible to get dedicated belt sharpening systems that make use of an abrasive belt and are highly effective at sharpening knives. In fact most knife sharpening professionals use professional quality abrasive belt sharpening systems.And as I’ve already mentioned it’s perfectly possible, if you have The Best belt knife sharpener, to use it on a range of other garden and handyman tools including such things as lawnmower blades, shovels and anything else that needs sharpening.

As we’ve observed however on other parts of this site it’s very important to have a range of grits, or abrasive, to do a really good job. Whilst a courser belt will be necessary to take metal off to produce the basic bevel it’s important to have finer belts to smooth and polish the final result.

And as were also observed elsewhere on our site one of the difficulties of sharpening a knife is getting the angle of the grind correct, get the angle wrong and you won’t get a good job. That’s one of the downsides of sharpening stones, namely that you need to produce a correct angle by hand, and if you’re good at it that’s fine, but if you’re not you may well not get quite the job you want.

And of course the same applies to the use of a simple handyman belt sander, it’s a big, heavy and difficult to use tool and the chances that you get a really good job aren’t great.

However a proper dedicated Best belt knife sharpener that is designed specifically for sharpening knives overcomes these problems. The Work Sharp WSKTS Knife and Tool Sharpener for example has three different levels of coarseness over three different belts, narrow belts for precision work and precision sharpening guides that remove the problems of holding the angle correctly.

The WorkSharp is a dedicated belt knife sharpener which can also be used for sharpening other implements. It overcomes one of the major problems of belt sharpening by hand, namely how to hold your knife at the correct angle.

Included with this belt knife sharpener are two guides which allow you to hold your knife at twenty degree angle, full kitchen knives, or at a twenty-five degrees angle for a wide blade such as outdoor and hunting knives.

The narrow one inch belts are three different grits, 80 and 220 for course work and some fine tuning and then 6000 grit for very fine honing.

Often when you buy a knife sharpener you can sharpen a very limited range of knives. However with the Work Sharp you have an extremely wide range of knives and other implements that you can sharpen. You can use this belt sharpener on regular straight bladed knives, but you can also use it on serrated knives, curved knives, fillet knives, tanto knives and others. You can sharpen pretty much any knife with this versatile knife sharpener.

It will also sharpen scissors as well as many common garden tools such as taxes, mower blades, garden shears and more. So when you buy a Work Sharp you’re buying a tool that can sharpen just about anything in the house that need sharpening, unlike the case with most other knife sharpeners.

How effective is it? The reviews on Amazon, and there is many of them, give a total of 4.7 out of five stars with some rave reviews from users. As well as that other users who have reviewed the product on other websites rave equally. This is an impressive result.

This video shows you clearly both how the Work Sharp Belt Knife Sharpener works as well as clearly shows you how the sharpener sets the correct angle for you and allows you to easily hold it.

Our conclusion? This knife sharpener is a quality product at a reasonable price that will produce a good result, not just on your knives but on a whole range of other tools and implements that may need sharpening around the house.

It is extremely versatile and utilises one of the most effective methods of sharpening knives available, and the method used by most professional knife sharpeners. An abrasive belt.

From what we’ve seen you’ll be very happy with the Best belt knife sharpener.

And if you’d like to find out more about this excellent belt knife sharpener then visit Work Sharp.

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