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Your serrated Best Knife Sharpener might be destroying your blades

Your serrated Best Knife Sharpener might be destroying your blades

You may not be aware of it, but your current serrated knife sharpener might actually slowly but surely destroying every blade it comes into contact with. Most sharpening tools have one thing in common – they “simply sharpen” without any adaptation to the blade in question. In short, the average kitchen sharpener is a “one size fits all” tool. Unfortunately, however, not all blades are created equal, or even similar.

The problem is in fact two-fold:
1. Most sharpening gadgets do not allow for the serrations and simply sharpens the “tips.” Over time these tips are worn down more and more, until you eventually end up with a flat blade. This can even happen if you keep on sharpening the flat side of a one-sided serrated blade with a whetstone or diamond sharpening steel. If you keep removing enough of the metal, eventually all that is left is the flat piece of metal. The Multi Sharpener, however, is able to sense the shapes of the serrations, and actually sharpens inside them as well – so no matter how many times you do it, the knife will still retain its original shape and structure.

2. The cutting edge of any blade, regardless of what it is used for, has a specific “edge angle”. This angle, if changed, will change how the knife performs under the conditions it was designed for. For instance, if the angle is increased, the blade will appear blunt. If it is decreased, it will appear unusually sharp, but it will go blunt quickly. The Best Knife Sharpener is able to “sense” both the shapes and the angles of the serrations, and instantly adapt to them in order to preserve the intended design of the cutting edge. Of course, we are not even talking about the accepted norms of any knife sharpening tool – including things like incredibly hard abrasive surfaces to deal with high quality blades, durable construction and a decent guarantee, lightweight construction for convenience, and ease of use that literally makes it possible for any person to use it, regardless of a lack of knowledge or skills. Any of these could not only spoil your working experience with the tool, but also leave you with a useless kitchen gadget instead of a professional serrated Best Knife Sharpener which gets the job done without causing damage

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